VERA – Forward Visions on the European Research Area

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ERA: New perspectives

Code: A06

Primary project information

Lead: European Commission
Additional project partners: N/A
Type of activity: green paper
Date conducted: 04.04.2007
Date of Publication: 04.04.2007
Duration: N/A
Summary: The ERA concept combines: a European "internal market" for research, where researchers, technology and knowledge freely circulate; effective European-level coordination of national and regional research activities, programmes and policies; and initiatives implemented and funded at European level. [2]
Financed by: EC
Research area/market/industry/sector: whole ERA
Main report (full title): GREEN PAPER The European Research Area: New Perspectives


Economic Challenges: Europe is lagging behind [2]
Economic Challenges Shortlist: Europe lags behind other regions of the world
Geopolitical Challenges: China and India challenge Europe along their economical and scientific progress [2] [5]
Geopolitical Challenges Shortlist: China and India challenge Europe along their economical and scientific progress
Societal Challenges: Research is not an alluring career [6]
Societal Challenges Shortlist: Crisis of European science system, because research is not an alluring career
Technical Challenges: Best technology know-how would not be in Europe [5]
Technical Challenges Shortlist: Other regions of the world challenge Europe regarding techology know-how
Mobility Challenges: Fragmentation prevents Europe from [6] fulfilling its research and innovation potential
Mobility Challenges Shortlist: Fragmentation prevents Europe from fulfilling ist research and innovation potential

Summary of relevant aspects

Aspects of ERA Governance: 6 goals/features for ERA defined: flow of researchers, world-class research infrastructures, excellent research institutions, effective knowledge sharing, well-coordinated research programmes, openness to world [2] [8-9]
Background information: To establish a framework for discussion, align efforts and assess progress made, it is important to identify the main features of a fully realised ERA.


Actions/solutions implied: 6 goals/features to ensure European success [2]
Who benefits from the actions taken?: Europe as a whole

Meta information

Time horizon: 2020
Methods: strategic debate, visioning
Target Group: ERA
Objectives: provide long term perspective for ERA, speed up ERA implementation
Countries covered: N/A
ERA actors/stakeholders mentioned: researchers (European and global), companies, governments (all levels), students, universities, research institutions, reserach infratsructure providers
Geographic scope:

Entry Details

Rapporteur: Riitta Nieminen-Sundell
Rapporteur's organization: VTT
Entry Date: August 2012