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Going beyond the scenarios: ERA 2050 sketches

To anticipate possible systemic transformations and disruptive change beyond the 2030 scenarios, four sketches were also made of the European landscape and governance of RTDI in the year 2050. The purpose of these sketches is to stimulate futures thinking about more fundamental transitions. Without addressing decision-making utility, the 2050 sketches aim to be thought provoking and challenge today´s baseline assumptions.

The sketches can be related to different drivers of transitions: “United people of Europe”, “United States of Europe” and “Science contested” describe a shift in RTDI governance rooted in political processes and institutional change including external pressures. In contrast, “Automated Science” depicts a radical structural shift of the research landscape due to technological change.

Sketch A: United people of Europe

Sketch B: United States of Europe

Sketch C: Science contested

Sketch D: Automated Science