VERA – Forward Visions on the European Research Area

VERA is funded by the European Union's FP7 programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 290705

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Launch of press release on VERA Scenarios

Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI launched a press release on VERA Scenarios for the European Research Area, which offer a basis for discussion and decision support and help...

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VERA Final report available now

VERA scenarios illustrate different political and societal contexts for the European research and innovation landscape in 2030. Our analyses of the scenarios show that policy choices of today can affect...

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Sectoral analysis of VERA scenarios

This report presents small vignettes for each VERA scenario exploring how knowledge from forward-looking studies for the energy sector can complement the generic VERA scenarios. The scenarios imply different...

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Third volume of ERA Fabric Map available now

The 3rd volume of the ERA Fabric Map presents a stocktaking of policy instruments for the European Research Area and discusses possible future evolutions inspired by the four VERA scenarios. The full...

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VERA Strategy Map available now

The VERA Strategic Debates involved the organisation of seven Focus Groups and a Symposium with 123 participants from 28 countries representing the following ERA stakeholders: society actors, university...

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ERA at Crossroads.

This is the report presenting the full analysis underpinning the policy brief “ERA at Crossroads” - read the full version of the report here.

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ERA Open Advice.

This report presents the wealth of the VERA strategic debates with stakeholders and analyses implications for the current ERA discussion, thus underpinning the policy brief “Open Advice for ERA”. Read...

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VERA Policy Brief "ERA at Crossroads"

The VERA analysis reveals that the landscape of actors and institutions of European research and innovation will change in the coming decade, and quite likely it will become more complex. Policymakers...

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VERA Policy Brief "Open Advice for ERA"

The VERA Strategic Debates show that well-structured collective thinking processes can be used to bring stakeholders’ concerns and insights into the EU R&I policy debate. Reflecting on these outcomes...

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