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Germany adopts Strategy on the European Research Area (ERA)

The Federal Cabinet of Germany adopted the Strategy of the Federal Government on the European Research Area (ERA) on 16 July 2014, which makes Germany the first EU Member State to produce its own strategy on the further development of European research policy.

This Strategy includes policy guidelines and objectives as well as a national roadmap with proposals for concrete measures. This national roadmap takes all five ERA priorities, as formulated by the Communication of EC in 2012, into account (ERA Priority 1: More effective national research systems; ERA Priority 2.1: Optimal transnational cooperation and competition; ERA Priority 3: Open labour market for researchers; ERA Priority 4: Gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research; ERA Priority 5: Optimal circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge) and, additionally, includes the International Dimension of the European Research Area as a sixth ERA Priority. The Strategy also envisions the creation of large research infrastructures in an effort that involves all of Europe.

To read the full version of this Strategy (in English) click here.