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ERA Dynamics workshop in Brussels, April 26th 2013

As part of Workpackage 3, the ERA Dynamics workshop was held in Brussels on April 26th, 2013. Together with experts and stakeholders representing diverse and international perspectives, alternative evolutions for ERA and related drivers of change were identified for the year 2030. In addition, interdependencies and tensions between these evolutions were discussed. This was done for the domains of European RTDI governance, including ERA, the research landscape and the international, socio-economic context.


As illustrated below, scenario development in Workpackage 3 builds on key factors that have been derived from Workpackage 2. The process of scenario development aims at generating a set of 3-4 consistent scenarios on the evolution of ERA by the year 2030. As the scenarios will to provide a relevant base for strategic debate, decision-making and joint priority setting, they will be focused on RTDI governance in Europe.























The next steps in the scenario process include a software-based consistency analysis to develop ERA draft scenarios, and a second interactive Workshop in which the scenarios will be fleshed out. In addition, ERA visions for 2050, as different pathways to consider systemic transformations and disruptive change, will be elaborated by a breakout-group.

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