VERA – Forward Visions on the European Research Area

VERA is funded by the European Union's FP7 programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 290705

Report on Key Factors and critical junctures of ERA’s Development

The aim of this VERA project  report is to provide a list of ERA key factors alongside the description of the process that contributed to its consolidation. This process consists of a phase of mapping and one of selection. The mapping has been achieved by a combination of interviews, lit-review and computer-assisted discourse analysis, while the selection has been made through a workshop that combined world café and gaming interaction.

The report is structured as follows: the mapping process with the description of the methods used and the results, followed by the selection procedure with its results. The main outcomes of the different phases are presented in the body of the report, while the extensive descriptions are included in the annexes.

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