VERA – Forward Visions on the European Research Area

VERA is funded by the European Union's FP7 programme for research,
technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 290705

VERA Strategy for the adequate involvement of stakeholders and for communication with target audiences published

This report (see attachments) constitutes a formal deliverable, namely D6.2 "Communication Strategy", of Work Package 6 "Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Strategy" of the VERA Project (Forward Visions on the European Research Area).

It is an adaptive document for all the partners, guiding the internal and external communication of the project, and serves as a guideline to assess progress. It first complements the ERA Fabric Map by identifying stakeholders that are currently not actively engaged in ERA, but that could well be in the future. The report finds a wide set of dormant and affected stakeholders that could potentially be engaged in debates on the future of ERA. From there, general principles for the communication strategy are defined, which are further spelled out in a concrete plan of implementation for both internal and external communication.  Concluding remarks focus on how the Communication Strategy could evolve in the course of the VERA project.